13/1 Stockholm Berwaldhallen,​​ Soloist with Arméns Musikkår More info

26/1 Falkenberg​​, Magnus&Irina More info

17/2 Sandviken,​​ Magnus and Irina

25/2 Lund, ​​Beethoven and Brahms More info

10/3 Osby,​​ recital with Stefan LindgrenMore info

6/4 Stockholm Allahelgona kyrka​​, Magnus&Irina More info

7/4 Nyköping​​, recital with Stefan Lindgren

10/4 Stockholm Eric Ericssonhallen, “Framtidens Musikpris” More info

14/4 Trollhättan, recital with Henrik Måwe More info

17/4 Sandviken Björksätra kyrka, Magnus&Irina More info

23/4 Stockholm Konserthuset, Först Foundation More info

28/4 Gothenburg Askims kyrka, recital with Peter Johanson More info

18-19/5 Gotland, performing with NEO

25/6 Stockholm Sundbybergs kyrka, recital with David Huang More info

26/6 Stockholm, Petruskyrkan, recital with David Huang

27/6 Stockholm, Brännkyrka, recital with David Huang

6/7 Björnlunda, Magnus&Irina More info

13/7, Uppsala, recital with Iveta Calite

14/7 Birka, recital with Martin Erikson

22-26/7 Gotland, ​​Chamber Music Festival More info

16-17/8 Stockholm, Gränslandet – symfonisk fest More info

2-8/9 Jämtland, touring with Irina Serotyuk More info

12/9 Örebro, Genesis with Martin Fröst More info

17/9 Stockholm, Magnus&Irina

27/9 Kristianstad, recital with David Huang More info

11/10 Hudiksvall, recital with David Huang More info

18/10 Karlskrona, soloist with Marinens Musikkår More info

19/10 Kristianstad, soloist with Marinens Musikkår More info

24/10 Gothenburg Kronhuset, solist with Gothenburg Wind Orchestra More info

26/10 Vimmerby, recital with Irina Serotyuk More info

28/10 Uppsala, performing with trio Stjärna More info

5/11 Salzburg,​​ recital with David Huang More info

8/11 Budapest,​​ Rising Star More info

14/11 Stockholm, Industrifonden

24/11 Baden-Baden,​​ Rising Star More info

25/11 Stockholm, Berns More info

27/11 Stockholm, Famna och Forum, Magnus&Irina

30/11 Bryssel,​​ Rising Star More info

3/11 Stockholm, Waterfront

11/12 Amsterdam, Rising Star More info


3/9 Storuman, Magnus&Irina More info

4/9 Lycksele, Magnus&Irina More info

5/9 Åsele, Magnus&Irina More info

6/9 Dorotea, Magnus&Irina More info

7/9 Vilhelmina, Magnus&Irina More info

8/9 Sorsele, Magnus&Irina More info

9/9 Skellefteå, Magnus&Irina More info

20/9 Västerås, Ung&Lovande More info

22/9 Särö, Ung&LovandeMore info

26/9 Funäsdalen, Ung&LovandeMore info

27/9 Sandviken, Ung&Lovande More info

28/9 Hudiksvall, Ung&LovandeMore info

29/9 Kilafors, Ung&Lovande More info

30/9 Skinnskatteberg, Ung&Lovande More info

2/10 Falun, Ung&Lovande More info

3/10 Arboga, Ung&Lovande More info

4/10 Arvika, Ung&Lovande More info

5/10 Ludvika, Ung&Lovande More info

7/10 Örebro, Ung&Lovande More info

13/10 Tingsryd, Ung&Lovande More info

14/10 Lund, Ung&Lovande More info

15/10 Laholm, Ung&Lovande More info

16/10 Karlskrona, Ung&Lovande More info

17/10 Ängelholm, Ung&Lovande More info

18/10 Halmstad, Ung&Lovande More info

19/10 Karlshamn, Ung&Lovande More info

20/10 Varberg, Ung&Lovande More info

21/10 Borås, Ung&Lovande More info

23/10 Göteborg, Ung&Lovande More info

24/10 Lidköping, Ung&Lovande More info

25/10 Oolofström, Ung&Lovande More info

26/10 Uddevalla, Ung&Lovande More info

27/10 Helsingborg, Ung&Lovande More info

28/10 Växjö, Ung&Lovande More info

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