Magnus Holmander´s passion for contemporary music and experimental curiosity, both as a musician and performer, has resulted in close collaborations with many Swedish composers notably Rolf Martinsson and Anders Hillborg. Apart from their chamber music Magnus has also performed both of their clarinet concertos which has led to several soloist performances in halls such as the Royal Festival Hall in London, Auditorium in Milano, the Concert Hall of Stockholm and the Grieg Hall in Bergen among others.

Magnus is also working a lot with the new generation of Swedish composers and have premiered pieces of composers like Andrea Tarrodi, Jacob Mülhrad, Benjamin Stearn, Molly Kien and Klara Stirner. Recently the promising composer Ylva Fred wrote a piece for clarinet and piano where Magnus is using his skills as a magician to make the clarinet levitate.

2013-2017 Magnus participated as a clarinetist, dancer and magician in Martin Fröst’s productions Dollhouse and Genesis wich was performed on numerous occasions in concert halls around northern Europe.

In May 2017 Magnus participated together with the accordion player Irina Seroytuk in the biggest competition in Sweden for chamber music “Ung&Lovande” (“Young and Promising”). Playing arrangements of their own they won the competition with the following motivation: ​”With vibrant artistry and natural stage presence, superb interplay and technical brilliance, the musicians invite the listener in to a unique soundscape”.
​ Since then Magnus and Irina have frequently been touring around in Sweden.

For season 2019/2020 Magnus is one out of six musicians to be selected “Rising Star artist” by the European Concert Hall Organisation (ECHO). The award includes performances in several of the major concert halls in Europe such as Musikverein in Vienna​, Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and L’auditori in Barcelona among others.

Magnus did his bachelor and master studies at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm studying for Hermann Stefánsson and Emil Jonason.

”I had the pleasure of teaching Magnus at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm and am able to follow his fantastic development. His hunger for new repertoire and his perfectionism when he comes to a concert situation. I have had the possibility to follow Magnus from the time when he was the most talented student that the Stockholm College of Music has had for decades to his development into one of the most full-fledged clarinetists around in Sweden today. In addition to his natural ability to play his instrument when it comes to technique, breathing and sound, he is a highly interesting musician and a very exciting artist. I wish to recommend him very warmly” Martin Fröst, clarinet soloist

”I have had the pleasure of working with Magnus Holmander on several of my pieces, notably my clarinet concerto Peacock Tales. Despite his young age, he is already a remarkably mature musician, and his technical mastery of the clarinet is stunning. I strongly recommend him for any person or institution who could help him with a career that promises to be exceptional.” Anders Hillborg, composer

”Magnus Holmander is an absolutely brilliant clarinetist!! His musicality and technical skills are amazing and his stage appearance is magical in every sense. I was so impressed when he performed my clarinet concerto Concert Fantastique with the Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi under the direction of John Axelrod in September 2016 at the prestigious MiTo Festival. Magnus had the audience in his hands from the first note with his breathtaking performance including singing in the instrument, circulation breathing and glissando and as he entered the stage for the third time to receive the great acclamation from the audience he magically made the clarinet disappear before their eyes. The two performances that formed the Italian premiere took place at the Auditorium Milano and the Auditorium RAI Arturo Toscanini in Torino and the Milano performance was live broadcast by the RAI Radio3.” Rolf Martinsson, composer

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